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Author: Ceri

The Microbe Man

The Puffin Challenge So, as if my TBR wasn’t completely unmanagable already, I’ve decided to give myself the challenge of tracking down and reading the first 200 Puffin Story Books. I know, I know, it probably isn’t at all sensible for a number of reasons – I already have far too much to do, and it might prove difficult to…

pig on the run

Pig on the Run

Long time no see! I don’t think I’ve posted anything on the blog since Februrary, so it’s nice to be back on the vintage books again. I’m easing myself back in with a picture book for easy reading, and I’ve chosen Pig on the Run as the next stop on the bookworm trail, as it has the same author (Mira…

In Watermelon Sugar

In Watermelon Sugar

Well, I never thought that Harry Styles would have any influence on my life whatsoever. But I picked this book up in a library sale entirely because of his (somewhat irritating) song. I have no idea whether Harry has actually read the book, but it was apparently lying around whilst he was writing the song and he liked the title.…