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Welcome to A Whole Other Story, a vintage book blog full of alternative reads.

So you love books right? Cos that's why you're here. But let me ask you some questions... Do you:

  1. Fancy reading something a bit different?
  2. Lover discovering a new favourite book/author?
  3. Wish people would talk about the 99.9% of books that weren't published this year?
  4. Have fond memories of books from when you were young that you'd like to find again?
  5. Find yourself in secondhand book shops, breathing in the smell of old books and slightly panicking about JUST HOW MANY there are still to read?

Yes? I thought so. Then you are totally in the right place.

Pile of vintage Penguin paperback books
decorative vintage hardback book stack with flowers

Now don't get me wrong. I love new books as much as the next reader. But I've always thought that older books deserve a bit more love in the book blogging world.

There are millions of out-of-print, obsolete, overlooked and obscure books out there, waiting to be discovered. And it's those books that I'd like to talk about. A Whole Other Story is a vintage book blog which covers books from all eras.

I can't guarantee that they will ALL be books that you've never heard of - I'll probably throw in a classic or two. But hopefully this will be a place where you can find some new gems, forgotten treasures and much loved stories from your youth.

What you will find here
  • Honest reviews - if I don't like it, I say so.
  • Books you won't find on every other blog.
  • Help in tracking down elusive books.
  • Giveaways and competitions.
  • Bookish chat - probably also featuring cake, tea, cosy socks, laughs, nostalgia and the odd vintage recipe 🙂
What you won't find here
  • All the latest books.
  • Loads of non-fiction - there might be some, but fiction is generally where it's at.
  • Wordy and intellectual reviews - I don't have a degree in English literature and you probably don't either.

Sounds like something you might enjoy? Don't forget to bookmark us! Or better still, sign up to our newsletter, for new content, giveaways and general fabness, straight to your inbox.