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Goodnight, Goodnight

Following on from New Blue Shoes, this month I’m looking at another of Eve Rice’s picture books: Goodnight, Goodnight, first published in 1980. The gist Unsurprisingly, the book is about everyone in a city saying goodnight and getting ready to go to bed. Men, women, babies, children, pets, shops, firemen and policemen are all pleasantly saying goodnight to each other…

Natasha's New Doll

Natasha’s New Doll

The bookworm is a series of posts following a trail of vintage picture books, linking them by author, title, subject, or whatever else takes my fancy. We start the bookworm trail with a book plucked completely at random from my shelves: Natasha’s New Doll by Frank Francis. I first came across this book just a few years ago, so it…