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Film First

Here’s what happens when someone makes a film version of a book you love.

  1. You groan inwardly because you know there’s no way it will ever be as good.
  2. You have a debate with yourself (and possibly others) about whether to see the film, because you don’t want to spoil the memory of the book.
  3. Eventually you persuade yourself (or get dragged along by others) to see the movie.
  4. You spend the whole time complaining because they changed the entire plot and/or miscast everyone in it. Or you begrudgingly enjoy the movie, but still annoy everyone you know with endless comparisons to the book.

Sounds familiar?

Well, what if you’ve seen the movie first? What if it’s a movie that you love, or that you grew up with? If you read the book, would you spend the whole time complaining that the film was better?

Let’s find out!