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In Watermelon Sugar

In Watermelon Sugar

Well, I never thought that Harry Styles would have any influence on my life whatsoever. But I picked this book up in a library sale entirely because of his (somewhat irritating) song. I have no idea whether Harry has actually read the book, but it was apparently lying around whilst he was writing the song and he liked the title.…

The Vet's Daughter

The Vet’s Daughter

Remember when you were a kid, and you had your favourite pudding EVER? The one your mum only made once in a blue moon? And it was so delicious you just couldn’t stop yourself eating it, but at the same time you really wanted to make it last as long as possible? Well, The Vet’s Daughter IS that pudding. Right from…

Advent giveaway 2022

CLOSED: Advent Giveaway 2022!

2022 Advent Giveaway Believe it or not, the first Sunday of Advent is this weekend, 27th of November. Say what?! I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping 🙁 But don’t worry, it just means that it’s time for the Advent Giveway 2022! Yes, to ease you into the holiday spirit, I am giving away a mystery vintage Christmas book, along…