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Category: Bookworm

Follow a trail of discoveries from the past fashions of picture books.

Natasha's New Doll

Natasha’s New Doll

The bookworm is a series of posts following a trail of vintage picture books, linking them by author, title, subject, or whatever else takes my fancy. We start the bookworm trail with a book plucked completely at random from my shelves: Natasha’s New Doll by Frank Francis. I first came across this book just a few years ago, so it…

Bookworm: Vintage Picture Books

Welcome to Bookworm, an ongoing series on the wonderful world of children’s picture books. Despite being a grown up, and officially far too old for such malarkey, I’m still a teeny bit addicted to picture books. Is it the imaginative stories? The amazing illustrations? Or just nostalgia? Probably all of the above. Whatever the reason, I’m hooked. If you love…